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ANSI Safety Vests

Our 5 Point Break-A-Way ANSI safety vests will meet any needs you may have.


  • Used widely in Public Safety
  • This vest is versatile in any field.
  • The split sides make it easy to reach duty belts, our snaps keep your vest securely on, but will pull apart easily in am emergency.
  • Pockets are located on the inside of the vest as well as the left outside chest which also includes a pencil pocket.
  • Over the shoulder Velcro attachment keeps fatigue from your shoulders.
  • The vest also includes 2 microphone tabs for clipping on your portable mics.
  • Our Flame retardant fabric makes this vest even more versatile.
  • High contrast design combines certified hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange fabrics.
  • Breathable, lightweight, very strong construction

Class 3 ANSI vests are also available.

Custom imprinting is available.